Terms & Conditions

Consenting to the clauses of the terms and conditions, which are being mentioned on the website of Lavish Jackets, we eradicate the bare minimum chance of any miscommunication or slightest inconvenience which could take place.

Again, making sure our customers get the very best of us is our primary and only concern! To enjoy the ever-exciting shopping haul at Lavishjackets.com without any inconvenience, make sure to give the clauses of our Terms and conditions a full read till the end!

Note: Below mentioned clauses are to be applied to every customer of Lavish jackets who has been buying from us!


Changing the content of the website anytime is a right we reserve. To spot modifications made within time, we would highly recommend our customers to keep visiting our website.

We reserve the right to change the prices and description of the products available according to the needs and necessities.

Moreover, we notify our customers who have applied for the letterbox, about the changes and modifications related to price changing or description, etc, as soon as we can to avoid any inconvenience to our customers.

All the images and content which are being posted on this page are protected under intellectual property rights.
The products on our page are exclusively available here only and have copyright implications if seen or spotted elsewhere.
Using images, descriptions, or products themselves on another website, exclusive to our online shopping store, would seem to be an offence and violation of intellectual rights. Hence, are to be pursued and prosecuted afterward.

Note: Any inconvenience on this account to our customers is deeply regretted and avoided.


Whilst ordering from our online store, we insist on the customer to write a proper address and provide to-the-point and correct details of what is needed to avoid any inconvenience in the dispatch of your order.

Our facility has every right to cancel the order in case of the following:

  • Incorrect address or important details
  • Non-availability of the desired item
  • Non-availability of the customer
  • We provide a transaction number in case the customer wants to track his order, via email. A confirmation link is sent along with it.
  • Any information which is being provided by the customer including his financial details whilst shopping online is not being tracked or used for any other
  • purposes other than making sure to deliver the order without any hassle.
  • After confirmation, the product once dispatched from the warehouse is being shipped and delivered to the address which is being provided to us, by the
  • customer.
  • No Debit or Credit cards are accepted here.

Note: No order shall be processed unless confirmed via call or email


We offer prices ranging in US dollars only and hence accept the payment in US dollars exclusively.
Additional charges may apply in the case of a local card provider.
Products pricing is varied according to the international market. Inflation may affect the price ranging and Lavishjackets.com are not to be held responsible in such conditions.
Our products are exclusive of import duties and taxes.
Note: By reading these clauses, you agree to all the terms and conditions policies of Lavishjackets.com whilst you shop!

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