Women’s Mass Effect N7 Black Leather Jacket


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• 100% Genuine Quality Leather

• Real Leather

• Black Exterior

• Deep Red Striped Detailing

• Stand Up Collar

• Front Zipper Closure

• N7 Logo Hand Stitched on Chest

• Two Zippered Pockets on Waist

• Two Zippered Pockets on Chest

• Soft Viscose Lining

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Women’s Commander Shepard Mass Effect N7 Leather and Vegan Leather Jacket

Women’s Mass Effect N7 Black Leather Jacket, a stunning fusion of style and gaming fandom that allows you to embody the spirit of Commander Shepard and the esteemed N7 division. Meticulously designed with both comfort and authenticity in mind, this jacket is a must-have for any female Mass Effect enthusiast.

Crafted from high-quality black leather, the Women’s N7 Black Leather Jacket exudes a sleek and powerful aura. The supple yet durable leather not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures long-lasting wear, making it a symbol of your unwavering dedication to the Mass Effect universe.

Inspired by the iconic N7 armor, this N7 Leather Jacket features a design that captures the essence of Commander Shepard’s legendary battles and heroic quests. The tailored silhouette, with its sleek lines and feminine fit, accentuates your figure and embodies the spirit of a true N7 operative.

Equipped with a front zipper closure, the Women’s Mass Effect N7 Black Leather Jacket offers convenience and easy wearability. The stand-up collar adds an extra touch of authenticity, while the zippered cuffs provide a customizable fit, allowing you to adapt to any mission or occasion with ease and comfort.

Attention to detail is paramount in this N7 Jacket design. Intricate stitching patterns, carefully placed paneling, and embossed N7 logos throughout enhance the overall aesthetic, showcasing your dedication to the Mass Effect universe and your admiration for its rich lore.

More than just a tribute to your favorite game series, the offers functionality and durability. The leather construction acts as a protective layer against the elements, while the jacket’s tailored fit ensures unrestricted movement during your daily adventures or cosplay events.

Step into the shoes of a legendary N7 operative with the Mass Effect N7 Jacket.

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