True-Religion Collegiate Logo Patch Varsity Jacket


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Embroidered Patches Leather Sleeves Black, Grey, and Red Leather Sleeves

 Material: Wool & Leather

Features: Full ZipColor:Black/Charcoal/Red

Lining Material:100% Viscose

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True-Religion Collegiate Logo Patch Letterman Varsity Jacket

True Religion Collegiate Logo Patch Varsity Jacket

Step back in time and embrace the classic allure of collegiate fashion with the True Religion True-Religion Collegiate Logo Jacket.

Vintage-Inspired Design: The True Religion Collegiate Logo Patch Varsity Jacket draws inspiration from traditional varsity designs, paying homage to the esteemed heritage of fashion. With its retro silhouette and tastefully placed logo patches, this jacket exudes a sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

Premium Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this jacket epitomizes superior craftsmanship.

Distinctive Logo Patches: The True-Religion Logo Patch Jacket proudly displays emblematic logo patches, celebrating the brand’s legacy and your appreciation for authentic American fashion. Each patch tells a story, making this jacket a true testament to your individuality and love for vintage-inspired trends.

Unmatched Comfort: Despite its vintage aesthetics, the Collegiate Patch Jacket doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Stand Out with True Style: Stand out from the crowd with the True Religion Collegiate Logo Jacket.

Preserve the Legacy: Experience the essence of collegiate fashion with the celebrate tradition, embrace your story, and become a part of the timeless legacy that defines academic pride and fashion-forward sensibilities. Claim yours today and relish in the timeless elegance of true style.

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